Alfabet T

"Tak ada gading yang tak retak."
There is no ivory that is not cracked.
Meaning: Nothing is perfect in this world.

"Tak ada rotan, akar pun jadi."
No rattans, roots will do.
Meaning: If you are desperate, you must not be choosy.

"Tak bisa menari dikatakan lantai yang berjungkit."
Cannot dance but blame the floor as uneven.
Meaning: Blaming the wrong reason. Looking for a scapegoat.
Same as: Buruk rupa cermin dibelah.

"Tong kosong nyaring bunyinya."
An empty drum gives loud sound.
Meaning: A person who talks a lot usually is empty inside (of knowledge).

"Tua-tua keladi, makin tua makin menjadi nakal."
The Older, The Worse
Meaning: Older but instead of getting wiser, one gets naughtier.


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